Top Fashion Trends of 2022

2022 has begun and it is always joyous to look back, and see the year that has past us. It has been a very colorful year in terms of fashion. Color-blocking is as popular as ever, and bright colors have been very dominant this year thanks to spring and fall collections.

Fashion Tips for 2022

#1 ) Always avoid drying your clothing. Dryers typically wear down and destroy clothing. Your clothes will look nicer, last longer, and not shrink if you air-dry them instead.

#2) Use cedar wood hangers to preserve your clothing. The cedar is a repellant for moths and absorbs moisture. Thicker hangers will also not stretch or damage clothing.

#3) Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them. Even lightweight sweaters will stretch out if they are on a hanger for too long.

#4) Socks with sandals/slippers are a big no-no. We highly discourage our readers from making the mistake of using this combination, it’s not attractive at all.

Many clothing prints and graphics are also dominant this year, whether it is floral, animal and geometric, among others. Yearly trends are very important because it defines fashion, comfort, and of course posh!

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